Regiobank Solothurn AG

Westbahnhofstrasse 11, 4502 Soletta
Soleure - Switzerland


Operating a bank, in particular accepting funds in the usual banking forms, including savings deposits, granting mortgage loans, covered and unsecured loans in current accounts as well as loans with and without cover, discounting of bills of exchange and bill-like securities, purchase and sale of securities and debt securities for own and third-party accounts, storage and management of securities, investment advice and taking over asset management, purchase and sale of third-party notes, foreign currencies, gold and precious metals for own and third-party accounts, investment of funds in banks as well as making fiduciary investments, issuing guarantees and guarantees, processing of letters of credit and leasing transactions, processing of other standard banking service transactions and taking over the function of custodian bank. Can buy, debit and sell land and participate in similar or related companies within the scope of the statutory purpose. The area of ​​activity extends to the canton of Solothurn and neighboring cantons and, exceptionally, to the rest of Switzerland. Foreign transactions are permitted if they arise from payment transactions or if they are carried out in the interest of business transactions with bank customers against collateral that can be realized in Switzerland. Investments of funds in foreign correspondent banks or in foreign securities are permitted to a limited extent.

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