MPP Fiduciaria SA

Via Dott. G. Polar, 48, 6932 - Breganzona
Tessin - Switzerland


Any service provision, consisting of the keeping of accounting books; tax consultancy and representation; business consultancy; company evaluation; reorganization of debt situations; consultancy and representation of creditors, debtors and third parties, within the LEF; collection of credits and any other activity of a fiduciary nature, such as the fulfillment of fiduciary mandates, management of companies and movable and immovable assets, provision of services in the real estate branch regarding the purchase and sale of properties, brokerage and any similar activity. Activities in the insurance sector, in particular the preparation of appraisals, claims settlements for third parties and carrying out mandates in general, in the private and professional pension sector. It can grant and benefit from mortgages, as well as grant guarantees or other coverage. It may participate in other enterprises with the same or similar purpose.

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