L & P Fiduciaria Sagl

via Riviera 1, 6900 Lugano
Tessin - Switzerland


Take on any mandate in the capacity of legal or statutory control, the keeping of accounts for third parties, the organization of accounting systems, accounting or other financial assessments, the liquidation of companies, tax consultancy and representation, the establishment, administration and management of companies on a fiduciary basis, registration and holding of shares or other assets on a fiduciary basis, business consultancy, asset administration excluding the management, consultancy and representation of creditors, debtors and third parties in the field of the law on executions and bankruptcy, the collection of credits and the reorganization of debt situations, the administration of properties and real estate companies, mediation in the sale and exchange of funds, intermediation in legal transactions concerning real estate rights and rights concerning real estate companies, the rental of buildings and apartments, consultancy and management of real estate promotions. The company may participate in others with a similar purpose.

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