Hohlstrasse 534, 8048 Zúrich
Zurich - Switzerland


The purpose of the company is to provide all services that are part of the area of ​​activity of a classic fiduciary, tax advisory and consulting company as well as the other activities listed. Support for private individuals and companies, especially small and medium-sized businesses, in all administrative, legal and tax matters. Establishment and management of companies, cooperatives, foundations and associations, management of offices. Administrative activities and holding and headquarters services, including copyright management for third parties. Carrying out bookkeeping and work in accounting. Taking on monitoring and auditing functions as well as audits and revisions. Business consulting. Offering and providing legal advice and legal representation. Comprehensive activities in the area of ​​taxes, such as tax declarations, tax audits, tax advice, tax planning. Mediation and alternative dispute resolution services. Carrying out restructurings, liquidations and guardianships. Acted as an arbitrator, arbitration expert, conciliator and as an administrator, commissioner and liquidator. Real estate management, real estate consulting, real estate brokerage. IT services. Marketing and public relations services. Translation and interpreting services. Training, continuing education and training services. Provision and brokerage of financial transactions and services of all kinds in the financial sector. Offering and brokering financial, asset and investment advice, as well as insurance advice. However, the company does not conduct any financial activities that require authorization (such as asset management, insurance brokerage or any type of banking business). The company can trade in works of art and act as an intermediary as well as a buyer and seller. The company may participate in other companies at home and abroad and establish branches and subsidiaries. It can carry out all transactions that are directly or indirectly related to this purpose or are otherwise likely to promote the development of the company and the company’s purpose. The company can take out and grant loans, carry out financing for its own or third-party account, as well as enter into guarantees and sureties for subsidiaries and third parties, and acquire, manage and exploit intellectual property rights. It can also acquire, debit, sell and manage real estate at home and abroad.

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