Fiduciaria RIGI sagl

Via Cantonale 78, 6652 Tegna
Tessin - Switzerland


The provision of services in the real estate trust and accounting sector, in particular mediation in the sale and exchange of funds, intermediation in legal transactions concerning real estate rights and rights concerning real estate companies, the leasing of buildings and apartments, the administration of real estate and real estate companies, consultancy and management of real estate promotions, bookkeeping, tax consultancy and representation, consultancy and representation of creditors, debtors and third parties in the context of the law on debt collection and bankruptcy , collection of debts and reorganization of debt situations, the establishment, administration and management of companies on a fiduciary basis, the registration and holding of shareholdings or other assets on a fiduciary basis, business consultancy and the administration of assets. The company may, in relation to its corporate purpose, acquire, own and sell real estate, underwrite, purchase, manage, finance, participate in other businesses and open branches in Switzerland and abroad, as well as carry out any activity in direct or indirect relation with the social purpose.
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