Asfin Consult SA

Via A. Ciseri 6 ,6900 Lugano
Tessin - Switzerland


The company’s purpose is to provide asset management services pursuant to art. 17 para. 1 LISFI in the name and on behalf of its customers and having as its object the latter’s assets. The services consist of the purchase or sale of financial instruments, the acceptance and transmission of mandates relating to financial instruments, the management of financial instruments (asset management in the strict sense), and the formulation of personalized recommendations regarding operations with financial instruments (investment consultancy). The company will also be able to carry out real estate administration activities in the name and on behalf of its customers, as well as consultancy activities in the commercial, tax, insurance and corporate sectors; consultancy in the aforementioned areas and in marketing; the assumption of representation mandates. The company can participate in other companies and carry out any financial and commercial operations necessary and/or appropriate to achieve the corporate purpose as well as purchase and hold real estate in Switzerland and abroad.

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