Anyfid SA

Piazza Molino Nuovo 15, Casella postale 4143 6904 Lugano – Svizzera
Tessin - Switzerland


The company’s purpose is to carry out all fiduciary activities; assistance, control and consultancy but not management regarding securities investments. Bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements; audits and tax practices. The company is also active in the purchase, sale, rental, brokerage, construction, promotion and valorisation of real estate, both in Switzerland and abroad, as well as the related administration, management and financing thereof. The company will be able to operate as an escrow agent. The company will carry out wealth planning, consultancy and advisory activities in the financial and economic fields with the exclusion of activities for which authorization from a supervisory authority in the sector is required. Any assignment relating to the establishment, management, merger, transformation, liquidation and participation of companies; the representation of groups of creditors; functions in arbitration proceedings; functions of company liquidators, commissioners in judicial and extrajudicial agreements; commercial information. The creation of branches and the financing and taking of shareholdings in other companies, both in Switzerland and abroad. The company can issue guarantees in favor of third parties.

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