Italian online fashion retailer expands into Switzerland

A leading Italian online fashion retailer, with a revenue of € 300.000, decided to expand its operations into Switzerland. This strategic move aimed to tap into the Swiss market, known for its high purchasing power and demand for premium fashion, while benefiting from Switzerland’s favorable business environment and central location in Europe.


With the expansion into Switzerland, the company faced several challenges:

  • International tax management: Navigating the tax complexities between Italy and Switzerland.
  • Asset protection: Safeguarding its intellectual property and other valuable assets.
  • Regulatory compliance: Ensuring adherence to Swiss regulations and international standards.
  • Logistics and operations: Establishing an efficient logistics and operational structure to support online sales.
  • Market penetration: Effectively reaching and serving the Swiss customer base.


To address these challenges, the company turned to a Trust Company in Switzerland, renowned for its comprehensive expertise in international business expansion, asset management, and regulatory compliance.

Intervention by the Swiss Trust Company

Tax planning: The trust company collaborated with the fashion retailer to develop an international tax strategy. This involved optimizing taxes through the use of Swiss-Italian tax treaties and adopting advantageous Swiss corporate structures to minimize tax liabilities.

Asset protection: The trust company established a trust for the retailer, ensuring legal and fiscal protection for the company’s assets, including trademarks, designs, and customer data. This provided a secure and protected framework for managing the company’s valuable assets.

Regulatory compliance: The trust company assisted the retailer in obtaining all necessary licenses and permits required to operate in Switzerland. They ensured full compliance with local regulations, including data protection laws, consumer rights, and e-commerce standards.

Business structuring: The trust company helped the retailer establish a Swiss subsidiary, leveraging Switzerland’s central position and advanced infrastructure to manage European operations. This included setting up an efficient logistics network to handle shipping and returns seamlessly.

Market Entry Strategy: The trust company provided insights into the Swiss market, helping the retailer tailor its marketing strategies and product offerings to meet local preferences. They also assisted in establishing partnerships with local influencers and media outlets to enhance brand visibility.


Cost optimization: Through the implemented tax strategy, the retailer significantly reduced its overall tax burden, saving millions of euros.

Asset security: The creation of the trust provided robust protection for the company’s intellectual property and customer data, reducing legal and financial risks.

Regulatory compliance: The retailer obtained all necessary authorizations and licenses, operating in full compliance with Swiss regulations, thus avoiding fines and penalties.

Efficient operations: The new business structure and logistics network enabled the retailer to expand its online sales into Switzerland quickly and efficiently, providing excellent customer service and fast delivery times.

Increased market presence: The retailer successfully penetrated the Swiss market, increasing its customer base and sales. The tailored marketing strategies and local partnerships significantly boosted brand recognition and customer engagement.


The collaboration with the Swiss Trust Company enabled the Italian online fashion retailer to overcome the challenges of international expansion, protect its assets, and optimize its business structure.

The comprehensive support provided by the trust company ensured a smooth and successful entry into the Swiss market, demonstrating the importance of relying on local experts to manage the complexities of the global market and achieve long-term success.

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