European expansion of a U.S. technology company

In 2023, one of the leading U.S. technology companies, with a revenue of $1 million, decided on a European expansion to capitalize on market opportunities and benefit from favorable regulations.


With the expansion into Europe, the company faced several challenges:

  • International tax management: Navigating the tax complexities of various European countries.
  • Asset protection: Safeguarding its assets and intellectual property.
  • Regulatory compliance: Adhering to local and international regulations.
  • Optimization of business structure: Establishing a presence in Europe efficiently and advantageously.


To address these challenges, the company turned to a Trust Company in Switzerland, known for its expertise in international asset management and tax consultancy.

Intervention by the Swiss Trust Company

Tax Planning: The trust company collaborated with the company to develop an international tax strategy. This involved optimizing taxes through the use of international tax treaties and adopting advantageous Swiss corporate structures.

Asset protection: The trust company established a trust for the company, ensuring legal and fiscal protection for the company’s assets, including intellectual property. This ensured the secure and protected management of company assets.

Regulatory compliance: With its in-depth knowledge of Swiss and European regulations, the trust company assisted the company in obtaining necessary licenses and ensuring compliance with all local and international laws.

Business structuring: The trust company helped the company establish a holding company in Switzerland, leveraging the country’s central position and financial infrastructure to coordinate European operations. This allowed the company to centralize management and reduce operational costs.


Cost optimization: Through the implemented tax strategy, the company significantly reduced its overall tax burden, saving millions of dollars.

Asset security: The creation of the trust provided robust protection for the company’s assets and intellectual property, reducing legal risks.

Regulatory compliance: The company obtained all necessary authorizations and licenses, operating in full compliance with regulations, thus avoiding fines and penalties.

Efficient expansion: The new business structure enabled the company to expand its European operations quickly and efficiently, increasing market presence and profits.


The collaboration with the Swiss Trust Company enabled the company to overcome the challenges of international expansion, protect its assets, and optimize its business structure.

This case demonstrates the importance of relying on local experts to manage the complexities of the global market and ensure long-term success.

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